Our Horses

Mandela B

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Mandela B HH Ibn Muscat x Blueberry Bey WA June 10, 2014 filly (CAHR Registration Pending) Mandela is tested clear for CA, SCIDS & LFS

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  Couturier x Amiira Kamilah (Padrons Psyche) 2010 gelding CAHR# 47394 Groundwork started. Potential as a National level Hunter Pleasure horse. May go Western Pleasure as well. Pedigree  Yearling ( March 2011) 2 year old ( May 2012)

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All Dun Up B

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Son of a Dun JB (AQHA 4972213) x Matilyn Bey SVA 2012 Buckskin Half-Arabian filly (x Quarter Horse). CPAR# 1A7558 Pedigree Shedding Loves people, horses and kitties! Daisy has a pedigree stacked with high caliber performance horses. She is sired by Son of a Dun JB who is a son of Matt Dillon Dun It  sired […]

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Alice In Chains B

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Mariachi WA x I’m Just A Girl (ASHA) 2012 pinto Half-Arabian filly (x Saddlebred). CPAR#1A7588 Eligible to compete in the AEPA $50,000 Half-Arabian Futurity http://www.arabianenglishperformanceassociation.com/   Pedigree Fascinated by kitties

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Cyty Myst

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Cyty Heat x Marsalita (Gai Parada+++/) 2004 grey Purebred Arabian mare. Broke to ride. Pedigree

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NV Beau Bey x Evening Intrigue 1998 grey purebred Arabian gelding, bred by Wunderbar Arabians. Sweepstakes nominated. Pedigree 2011 Region 17 Top 5 HP JTR 2012 Scottsdale Top 10 Geldings JTH   2002 Canadian National Top 10 Hunter Pleasure Junior Horse 2002 Region 17 Reserve Champion Hunter Pleasure Junior Horse 2002 WCB Champion Hunter Pleasure Junior Horse 2001 […]

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Matilyn Bey SVA

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Matrific x LO Strawberry Bay 2007 purebred bay Arabian mare Sweepstakes Nominated. 2010 Region 17 Top 5 WP Junior Horse Jackpot Pedigree Photos  

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DW Image One

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DV Rezus x Tannya 1988 purebred bay Arabian mare Pedigree  

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Burgundy Parke x Class All Her Own 1996 bay purebred Arabian mare, bred by Arenvale Arabians. Pedigree Photos

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Dolce Blue B

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Couturier x Blueberry Bey WA 2009 grey purebred Arabian mare, bred by Baida Arabians. Pedigree Photos

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Blueberry Bey WA

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Matinee Bey x RK Amirs Jewel 2003 grey purebred Arabian mare, bred by Wunderbar Arabians. Pedigree Photos

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Mason (QH Gelding) Mason is our resident “big brother.”  He helps us wean the foals and looks after our youngsters.

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Afire Within B

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Mariachi WA x Blueberry Bey WA (Matinee Bey) 2011 grey purebred Arabian colt. SOLD Pedigree

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I’m Just A Girl

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Hot Prince x Dansing Damsel Registered Saddlebred Mare Photos

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