HH Ibn Muscat

HH Ibn Muscat

Muscat x Lady Marev (Ponomarev)
1995 Arabian Stallion
CA carrier


Ben April 14

Ben trotting

Ben trot 6

Ben under saddle

Ben has a limited number of foals, but from what we have seen he is a wonderful producer. Of his registered offspring, ALL have been fillies! Here are a couple great examples of what Ben has to offer:

Arizona Padrona (out of a Padron Psyche mare)
Ben's daughter - Arizona Padrona

Mandela B (2014 filly out of Blueberry Bey WA)
mandela july 4

mandela 9

Ben’s sire Muscat

muscat muscat2

Ben’s maternal grandsire Ponomarev

Ponomarev in Brazil Ponomarev(SalonxPalitra)



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Predominantly Russian HH IBN MUSCAT is one of only two stallions sired by U.S. and Canadian National Champion Stallion *MUSCAT out of a daughter of World and National Champion sire PONOMAREV. He is a full blood brother to multiple regional reining winner HH BEN MUSCAT, who was gelded at age 15. Thus HH IBN MUSCAT is the only stallion of this rare combination. HH IBN MUSCAT is similarly bred to U.S. Reserve National Champion Western Pleasure Maturity TAMAR NICKOLI, who is by a *MUSCAT grandson out of a PONOMAREV daughter. TAMAR NICKOLI has sired regional halter winners and a regional western pleasure champion.

HH IBN MUSCAT is 87.5% Russian breeding. His sire*MUSCAT was the first stallion to win the American “triple crown” of championships at Scottsdale, U.S. and Canadian Nationals. He is the all time leading Russian sire of champions and his 55 National winning get include National Champions in halter, western pleasure, hunt pleasure and reining. 38 *MUSCAT sons have sired National winners and their get include National Champions in halter, western pleasure, western sidesaddle, english pleasure, country pleasure, english sidesaddle, hunt pleasure, hunter over fences, hunter hack, and reining. The oldest horse to win a US National Championship, TRADDITION+// (U.S. National Champion Working Cow Horse AOTR at age 28), is a *MUSCAT grandson. *MUSCAT sons have also sired multiple Top Ten winners in dressage. Few *MUSCAT sons are at stud, so HH IBN MUSCAT offers an exceptional opportunity for the breder wishing to create good athletes.

HH IBN MUSCAT is intensely linebred to *MUSCAT’s sire *SALON as his maternal grandsire PONOMAREV is by *SALON out of a *SALON daughter. HH IBN MUSCAT is out of the PONOMAREV daughter LADY MAREV, also dam of multiple halter champion EXOTICA M and regional halter winner LADY MYSTIQUE M. LADY MAREV is nearly a full sister in blood to DIVINE EMINENSE, dam of multiple Top Ten Hunt Pleasure and English Sidesaddle SW ALLSTAR PSYCHE+. LADY MAREV is also a 3/4 sister to regional dressage champion VH CHANCES ARE+/. Her sire PONOMAREV’s best known get are World Champion Mare JULIA BEA and multiple Brazilian National Champion halter and North American National Champion Western Pleasure *KHADRAJ NA+++/, sire of 82 National winners.

LADY MAREV is out of MYTHICAL LADY, dam of multiple regional western pleasure champion and regional winner sire DT SNEAKY PETE. MYTHICAL LADY is a full sister to multiple english pleasure champion FC MARS TORNADO and a 5/8 sister to National winner sire MAGISTRATE and to TONNYAZ, whose daughter HM ISHARA is the dam of an endurance horse with 2430 ride miles, a National Champion Working Cow Horse and a Top Ten winner in western pleasure. MYTHICAL LADY represents the proven nick of U.S. National Champion Stallion *MARSIANIN on a daughter of Canadian National Champion Stallion TORNADO, a cross that has produced National winners in halter and western pleasure and National Champion producers whose offspring have won titles in halter, western pleasure, western sidesaddle, hunter and jumper. MYTHICAL LADY’s dam LADIES FIRST is a maternal granddaughter of TONNYA, dam of the National winner sire MAGISTRATE and of TONNYAZ, dam of National Champion producer HM ISHARA. A good breeding stallion must come from a strong dam line, and HH IBN MUSCAT does!



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HH IBN MUSCAT has had limited use at stud so should be considered an unproven sire. His full blood brother HH BEN MUSCAT, a multiple regional reining winner, was gelded at age 17 after siring 15 offspring, one a ribbon winner in reining. HH BEN MUSCAT’s get may not have been campaigned due to the high cost of showing-he was owned by a small breeder who bred nearly all of his get.

HH IBN MUSCAT resembles his sire a great deal in the head and hindquarter-he is able to use himself well because of the strength there although his coupling could be somewhat stronger (possibly the coupling is a legacy from *MARSIANIN, whose coupling was not ideal and whose get were less athletic than those of *MUSCAT as he showed his ASWAN influence-*MUSCAT’s dam is a maternal sister to *MARSIANIN’s dam). HH IBN MUSCAT has a well angled shoulder and covers a good deal of ground at the trot, and his neck is perhaps a bit more elegant than that of his sire. *MUSCAT did produce some country pleasure and english pleasure horses (mostly from TORNADO/*SILVER DRIFT mares or mares of the *BASK++ sire line) but judging from a brief video and some still photos of him in motion I would say that HH IBN MUSCAT’s movement would be best suited to dressage. He might also have been a good working western horse as he uses his rear end so well.

*SALON was known for producing high white, belly spots, etc. With the level of inbreeding to him in HH MUSCAT’s ancestry this could be a concern if chrome is not wanted-I have seen modestly marked *MUSCAT get with just one line to *SALON produce the high white factor.

*MUSCAT was known more as a sire of successful broodmares than of stallions-102 of his get have produced National winners but only 38 of those were sons. His most successful siring son was the imported *SR NADOM+, noted as a sire of National Champions in western pleasure and reining. Other sons with multiple National Champion get include the straight Russian MARYK (sire of National Champion Hunt Pleasure NEPOSZAR+ and National Champion Western Pleasure MARYKOV, both successful performance sires) and MHR MUSCATEAL (out of a *BASK++ daughter), a multiple National Champion in reining whose get have excelled in working western disciplines.

PNOMAREV was not a world class sire though he had some very good get, he was exported to Brazil and the stud who owned him went bankrupt so his influence there was never as great as it might have been. His main influence in breeding has come through his multiple National Champion son *KHADRAJ NA+++/, who I consider one of the best living sires of western and hunt pleasure horses (he has had National Champions in halter as well). I believe the greater neck refinement shown by HH IBN MUSCAT comes from PONOMAREV.

The weakest part of HH IBN MUSCAT’s pedigree is *MARSIANIN. He sired 518 registered get, only 76 are champions, giving him the low champion percentage of 14.7% of his registered foals (most good sires have a champion percentage of at least 25% of their registered get). Only 9 *MARSIANIN get won National titles despite many of them being shown extensively. *MARSIANIN was by ASWAN and expressed the faults of that stallion himself and in his offspring, many of whom had leg issues, thick necks that were less flexible at the poll, and lack of hindquarter strength. *MARSIANIN sired 21 National winner producers, 4 male and 17 female-interestingly 12 of them are out of daughters or granddaughters of TORNADO and *SILVER DRIFT, which is the cross found in HH IBN MUSCAT’s dam line.

HH IBN MUSCAT traces in tail female to a very good mare-halter champion and champion producer TONNYA, dam of MAGISTRATE by *MARSIANIN (sire of multiple regional dressage champion LJ JURY+/ and of Top Ten Halter and Show Hack MR MAGIC MOTION++++//). TONNYA’s daughter TONNYAZ by *MARSIANIN was also a good producer-she is the dam of multople regional hunt pleasure winner ZZ GAYAZTAR+ and of HM ISHARA, dam of CLASSY INVESTMENT (2430 endurance miles), U.S. National Champion Working Cow Horse Futurity ULTIMATE INVESTMENT, and of U.S. Top Ten Western Pleasure Futurity ISHTAR BOOGIE. TONNYA’s granddaughter DIVINE EMINENSE (by PONOMAREV out of her *MARSIANIN daughter DIVINE INSPRATION) is the dam of multiple Top Ten Hunt Pleasure and English Sidesaddle winner SW ALLSTAR PSYCHE+.